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The Namar Difference: Custom Dry Blending and Packaging

Established in 1962, Namar is among the most recognized names in custom dry blending & packaging. In 48 years of service, there's no doubt that we've seen some changes within our facilities and throughout the culinary world itself. Over the course of our history we have maintained a commitment to producing the finest dry blends.

Custom Dry Blending

A little bit about us: Namar facilities are located in Paramount, California and are home to the technology and modernized equipment that form the industry's most sophisticated dry blends. Our ribbon blenders have the capacity to produce anywhere from 1000 lbs. to 5,000 lbs. batches. Still, advanced laboratories and materials can only go so far without an informed team of professionals to go along with it and Namar has some of the most prominent in the culinary world.

Innovative packaging meet daily with the finest ingredients to give our customers the very best product available. Whether creating for a new market, improving blend consistency, ensuring a signature recipe or lowering costs, you can rely on Namar's hardworking professionals to deliver. Blending can include a straight repacking of ingredients or customizing for over 20 ingredients. Our experienced staff will put their knowledge to work for you, customizing everything from protein drinks, savory blends and breading to spices, seasonings and dehydrated fruit and vegatable blends. Not to mention a delicous line of bakery, batter and dessert mixes that are perfected with time. Whether your dry blend calls for organic certification, gluten-free mix, Kosher certification, HACCP certification or bulk blending, we continue to uphold the highest standards of consistency and precision with each new product.


Quality Commitment

Producing blends for each individual company means working with you to formulate the perfect, authenticated blend. The fact is, people at Namar know the level of competition out there and they respond with a broad range of solutions for both packaging and blending. By conferring with our customers, we take what is unique to each company and develop a blend that embodies it. Subtlety where it counts, Namar applies a Non Disclosure agreement. Nothing against mass production – we also package bulk – our staff is just talented and welcoming of the challenges that exist in providing variety. Namar's professionals will be the first to explain that no two business's are exactly alike – and neither, for that matter, are any two custom blends.

It's been our privilege to work among so many different companies over the years. Given the responsibility, our specialists are intent on taking the specific needs of each company into account. At Namar you'll find a team of professionals known for their ongoing attention to detail through out each stage of processing, blending and packaging. Our staff is there to put their knowledge to work for you, creating a dry blend that reflects what your company is all about.


Designed to maximize shelf life, our packaging options come in the form of stick packs, bags, boxes, totes, super sacs, tubs, pails and stand up pouches. Pairing a wealth of experience with the most palatable ingredients, we also package dry blends for safe keeping. Our team will work with you to identify the best fit, taking performance and cost into consideration.

Our professionals have the firsthand experience you look for in an industry brimming with competition. Namar employees will work with you to preserve your blend for the long haul.

While some of our main work is done for companies in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and San Bernadino, Namar blends have also reached an international market. Let us know what we can do for you!

Namar thanks its loyal customers for their continued support. We've come a long way since our start in 1962 and customizing the finest dry blends remains our highest priority.

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